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Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic film manufactured with polythene. The bubbles in the bubble wrap are spaced in a regular way to produce cushioning. Bubble packaging is generally used as a means of protective packaging used to cushion valuable or delicate goods.

Bubble wrap is available in different sheet sizes and with a bubble size that vary between small as 1/4 inch in diameter and as large as an inch or more for better shock absorption. Bubble packaging with small bubbles is generally used for small light items. Larger bubbles should be used with larger and heavier items. Industrial bubble wrap usually haves strong barriers to help it last longer and ensure that the air will not leak when subject to heavy forces.

The standard material employed to manufacture bubble wrap can offer some form of protection for sensitive electronic parts and components but for a more secure option antistatic bubble wrap and antistatic bubble bags offer a better deal. Using anti-static plastic that dissipates static charges will protect against static which can damage them.

Bubble film is flexible protective material that is great as a cushioning material, void fill or surface protection. Air bags are very good for wrapping glassware, mirrors, electronics or any delicate item.

Bubble packaging normally comes in rolls, as well as bubble bags and bubble mailers. Perforated bubble packaging rolls save time and add convenience by eliminating the need for a cutter.

In the moving process bubble wrap is very useful. It act as a protective barrier avoiding any damages that occur throughout the moving process. Polythene bubble wrap is also considered fun. People like to pop the bubbles and to listen to the popping sound it produces!

Bubble bags

Bubble bags is a versatile packaging material, soft and flexible and yet with incredible tear resistance, they are a good alternative to Jiffy mailing bags which are heavier and generally more expensive. Bubble bags will absorb shock during shipping and will keep fragile items safe. Its light weight also reduces shipping costs.

Bubble bags are available in several different sizes and types. As per bubble wrap, they also vary in bubble size and barrier properties. Cheap bubble bags have relatively weaker barriers, which means the bubble will platen in a shorter period of time.

Bubble bags will protect fragile objects and do not require cutting or wrapping. Choose from open-end, self-sealing, and reclosable. Open-end bubble bags are completely open at one end and do not have a flap. Self-sealing bubble bags have an adhesive strip on the flap that eliminates the need for tape. Reclosable bubble bags generally have a slider grip closure. For mailing small fragile items consider using bubble mailers.

Bubble mailers, also called bubble envelopes, are envelopes that have a layer of bubble packaging on the inside. The durable, waterproof bubble packaging is covered with strong kraft paper. Bubble mailers are the lightest type of cushioned envelopes that you can buy. They save you money on postage, which can help pay for the cost of the bubble envelopes. Bubble mailers generally have a self-adhesive flap that allows for quick and easy sealing.

Alternative forms of void fill and protective packaging

Loose Fill

When using postal boxes to pack fragile items make sure to fill all empty space with loose fill or air pillows to avoid damage to the contents. Loose fill is available as polythene chips and polythene beads. Biodegradable void fill is also available for customers concerned with the environment.

Air Pillows

Air pillows are very popular as they save valuable storage space compared to traditional packing chips, plus it is considerably cheaper to transport due to its low-weight saving you money and helping the environment with a reduced carbon-footprint. The cushions are supplied on 8inch wide rolls and you can choose the length to fit your packing needs.

Air bags are easy to handle and perfect to use as void fill (filling a space to prevent the fragile packaged items from moving around and getting damaged in transit). Add air pillows on top and fill empty space with protective packaging for a secure delivery.

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

People often think that bubble wrap made from plastics (specially polythene) is a bad thing for the environment. Although not known to many, plastic packaging is actually very efficient with a very low carbon footprint and also with the advantage of being recyclable using less energy than other products like glass for example.

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