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Christmas is widely celebrated by many Christians and non-Christians, and many of its popular celebratory customs have pre-Christian or secular themes and origins. Popular modern customs of the holiday include gift-giving, music, an exchange of greeting cards, church celebrations, Christmas chocolates, Christmas foods, like mince pies, and the display of various decorations; including Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes, and holly. In addition to Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) bringing gifts.

Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses including the packaging industry. The economic impact of Christmas is a factor that has grown steadily over the past few centuries in many regions of the world.

So if you are a retailer, own a food store or super market and would like to add a touch of Christmas on your carriers you will be happy to know that there are many options available on the market. Christmas shopping carrier bags can be printed with Christmas designs on virtually any type of plastic carrier bag or paper carriers. You could also have your logo printed on Christmas retail bags to help you marketing your brand.

Food stores also benefit from the Christmas, the sales of Christmas chocolates, Christmas biscuits and Christmas mince pies always increase. And these could be given as a present, so for a better look you could buy cellophane packaging that will offer a shiny look to your products. Christmas cards will also go by the hundreds and you can also sell them in polypropylene Christmas greetings card bags which will keep the Christmas cards moisture free with a crisp and shiny look.

The etiquette of sending Christmas Cards

A considerable amount of strategic planning is required to ensure that maximum effect is gained from sending Christmas cards. Timing, size and quality are of paramount importance.

Sending Christmas cards too early is not only ineffective but can be humiliating for the sender. It reveals one's position, discloses the size and quality of card, exposing oneself to the possibility of a devastating counter-attack. On the other hand, a very late Christmas card runs the risk of negating the recipient's ability to respond, and reduces one's total card count.

It is certainly better to be on the early rather than late side, for the get-in-quick Christmas card sets the pace and compels the opposition to reply. It is a brave opponent who will respond with less than an equal-to or better-than card.

The next thing to understand is the value of size in Christmas cards. Important people, or at least people who think they are important, send big and important looking Christmas cards. This makes the recipient feel small; which is precisely what is intended. This can be quite costly, but usually worth it.

There is also a place for cheap and nasty cheap Christmas cards. They imply bad taste, poverty or disrespect to the recipient, and will guarantee deletion from their Christmas card list. These are particularly effective for terminating pointless long term Christmas card exchanges with people like the Fanshaws you met in Torremolinos in 1976, and can't even remember what they look like anymore - or was it Benidorm?

First-time Christmas cards sent on impulse to recent acquaintances should be avoided, for they can have devastating consequences; like those nice Watson people you met in Benidorm. Whilst it might be a nice surprise to get a lovely card in return, you might not be very pleased when they arrive at your front door on Boxing Day - or was it Torremolinos?

Adapted from an article by William Connor

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