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Retail Bags, Shopping Bags and Presentation Bags

The most commonly needed types of retail bags and shopping bags are:

Retail bags provide an easy and effective way to promote your company. Have your logo, company name and/or you website address printed on a shopping bag and wherever your bag goes it will be recognized and your company advertised for. You could choose from the following types of shopping bags:

Patch Handle Retail bags

Probably the most popular plastic carrier bag. These bags come with a reinforced punched-out patch handle gives the extra strength and support needed for carrying products. Ideal for carrying heavier weight items, a good choice for trade shows and conventions.

Varigauge Retail Bags

Varigauge carrier bags are produced from low density polythene which is blown in such a way that the polythene is double the thickness at the top of the carrier around the handle. This is a neater way of reinforcing the handle than using a patch.

Flexiloop Retail Bags

A flexiloop retail bag is similar to the varigauge and patch handled carrier bags, but with a welded polythene loop handle attached.

Twin Clip Retail Bags (or Clip Close Retail Bags)

Twin clip retail bags are generally used in cosmetics, jewellery and exhibitions. Clip close retail bags are manufactured from low density polythene and feature a rigid plastic clip close handle.

Vest-type Retail Bags

Vest-type carriers are the inexpensive shopping bags for food, soft goods and retail stores. Ideal for a more general use.

Duffle Presentation Bags

Duffle bags offer a more modern shape bag with a big capacity, popular for making a younger, more stylish impression

Food Bags

Food and produce bags, also know as Butcher Bags or Food Counter Bags are most commonly seen used at fish and meat counters in supermarkets or to package meat for customers in traditional butcher shops.

Food bags help keep our food fresh and safe, and protects against spoilage. Food packaging provides a hygienic and safe environment for foods and medicine by protecting against contamination while keeping foods fresh throughout its shelf life time.

Display Bags

Display bags have a wide range of uses and are normally manufactured with polypropylene or cellophane. Cellophane A transparent paper like product that has high clarity and resist moisture, oil, and grease and help keep contents fresh ideal for food items they help keep perishables fresh and hygienically protected, and for other items they are simply a great way to showcase and package your product. Polypropylene exceptionally clear allowing your product or design to be displayed clearly with an extra shine and can be used for items like greeting cards they extend shelf-life by preventing moisture from penetrating the card and protect the card from the grease on fingerprints or ambient heat.

Manufacturers of Retail Bags

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Research & Resources

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

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